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Lanell Bellows Drive for Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC



Las Vegas, NV– Friday, August 26 TMT super middleweight prospect Lanell Bellows will hold a the Lanell Bellows Drive for the Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC called “Teddy Bears and Back Pack”.

“Everyone knows how much I care for kids, and it’s a great chance for me to help some kids who are sick, and maybe get them to feel just a little better in the hospital,” Bellows, who is known as K.O. Bellows, said.


Lanell Bellows Drive for Children’s Hospital

Erica Nansen, Volunteer Program and Community Relations Supervisor, Marketing and Community Outreach for the University Medical Center of Nevada, is excited about Lanell’s effort.

“We want to thank Lanell Bellows for reaching out and expressing his desire to give back to our littlest patients,” she said. “The teddy bears and back packs will be a huge hit. Stuffed animals are very comforting for our patients as they face some scary unknowns. Also, with school right around the corner, back packs will be needed. Visitors are a great way to help lift moods and help to create a great distraction. The staff at our Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC are very welcoming and appreciative of visitors due to the many benefits they bring to our patients and staff”.

To donate to the KO Bellows Teddy Bear and Back Pack Drive, send your items to:  Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC, 800 Hope Place, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106,  or for more information, email Michelle Johnson  or Amy Green,  All donations are requested to be in by August 22.

Bellows is currently 16-1-1 fighting in the 168 pound division. He is riding a 10 fight winning streak, and he last competed on May 21st when he scored a fist round stoppage over Scott Sigmon.

Lanell Bellows Drive / submitted by Amy Green

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