Of all the fighters from the golden age of the late 60s and early 70s, Joe was the guy who did the most with the least. Joe had bigger heart than them all. But he was short with short arms. The greatest left hook of all time. Joe was the only one who gave Ali serious fits. More than Foreman. More than Norton. Ali blinked his way half-awake through Earnie Shaver's straight power shots. But as Sinatra sang, Frazier always got underneath Ali's skin and probably beat him twice in 2 of their 15 rounders! Why did the GOAT have to grab at Joe's head so much. Because he had too. Joe made Ali. As I've over-quoted and probably misquoted before Joe Izenberg: Ali and Frazier were each other's white whales and also each other's Ahabs. —TSS Hall of Famer reader Robert Curtis thinks Joe went 2-1 over Ali