“Oh, and for F4HisF-inExistence and genetics….dude, you don't know what your words mean. You cannot hallucinate your way into their genomes to compare, nor make valid correlations between their performance and any genetic characteristics you are unqualified to evaluate. You have no data on their immune systems, telomere length, enzymatic robustness, longevity, resistance to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and neoplasms…what you know is that one guy puts it together better than the other, but you have a deep personal need to make large and definitive sounding statements to give the illusion that you possess special knowledge. But everyone in the class knows you didn't study, and that you're blowing vapors to compensate for a deep inner emptiness and need for external validation that is not coming.” –TSS reader Mortcola calls out the severely inappropriate nature of one nasty post better than Editor Mike ever could