“It will take a big, strong, skilled boxer who Wlad can't push and pull around the ring to expose Wlad as the one-dimensional boxer he is. Lewis and Bowe would have knocked him out but there aren't big men of that quality around at present. Someone who can jab with Wlad, wrestle with Wlad and wear Wlad down so he has to fight will beat him. The moment he has to fight on even terms and exchange punches his world will collapse – but sadly there is no-one to make that happen at the moment. Physically, Valuev would have been interesting 3 or 4 years ago but that is why (despite Valuev being based in the same country for a decade) the fight never happened. He couldn't match Wlad for skills but his strength, size and chin might have been a far greater challenge for Wlad than most people think.” —Gibola offers a take on what sort of boxer could defeat Wlad